What is MMORPG?

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What is MMORPG?

It is a computer-based role playing game that takes place in the virtual online world with thousands of players playing a game. In case of an MMORPG, players using the same will have a client base for connecting to a particular server, which is usually controlled by the publisher of that particular game. The client base will host this virtual world and also have all the related information about the person playing the game.

The MMORPG works like any other RPG with user controlled characters represented in the form of diferent avatars, which is directed to fight dangers and monsters for experience. The console also allows characters to interact with each other, acquire different items and carry the game forward. MMORPGs have now become very popular since there is a large base of players worldwide. Also, with the advent of the Internet connections and faster connectivity options, now there are more than millions of users subscribing to these services from different parts of the world.

While there is a lot of difference between the modern-day MMORPGs and their antecedents, however there are some basic characteristics that remain the same. The themes, progession, social interaction, system architecture, character customization and the in-game culture have been left undisturbed. It is just that the outer part of this top MMORPG has changed, but internally it is still the same program. Many new features have been added to the MMORPGs to make them more interesting.

Developing MMORPGs is an expensive task; a single MMORPG can cost up to $10 million, which is indeed quite high a figure. However, as it is extensively used in different parts of the world today, it is possible to develop the same profitably. The making of a single MMORPG would involve multiple disciplines with the game design, including 3D modeling, animation, 2D art, under interfaces, database, client/server architecture and engineering and network infrastructure. In spite of all these costs you'll come across Free MMORPG Games online.

MMORPG has also helped in developing the economy, as it has become a popular online money exchange game program. This has actually led to different studies of the "synthetic economies", and how this can be related to the economy of the real world. It is fast becoming a realistic and more entertaining console worldwide.

Are World of Warcraft Private Servers Legal or Illegal?

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Are World of Warcraft Private Servers Legal or Illegal?

Is making real world money on World of Warcraft legal and if it is, ist it ethical? With a game as popular as World of Warcraft there will always be people who see money in it.
Some players offer their services to play World of Warcraft for days to build a complete character with experience and assets. When the character is complete they sell the character for a lot of money. The person who bought the character does not have to go through all the "boring" first levels and has an instant strong character to play with. other players make money by creating addon's and other modifications, is this bad? Is it legal? And is it ethical?

Well you can have some question about the ethical part, but almost all of these kind of activities are pretty harmless and it can be even encourage more people to play World of Warcraft and of course pay the monthly fee for it.

But what about World of Warcraft - Private Servers?

Most World of Warcraft private servers are in a legally vaguely defined area. Some of these World of Warcraft private servers are just created to take income away from the original game makers, in this case Blizzard. They conduct illegal practices just to lead gamers to their servers and away from the official World of Warcraft servers.

There is however a completly different group of World of Warcraft private servers that are perfectly legal. They are almost all set up by serious World of Warcraft players who like to create a world that they have designed and where they have control over every little detail of the game. They can for example make the leveling easier or earn gold much quicker. In fact there are World of Warcraft private servers for everything you can imagine.

These World of Warcraft private servers are legal and you can try them out if you want to, the creators are just World of Warcraft enthusiasts who have created a world that they have designed and like to share it with other game enthusiasts. You can try it out because this is legal as long as you have paid for the original game. There are many of these World of Warcraft private servers available and you just need to do a little search online to find one you would like to try. With some of these servers you can even switch your official World of Warcraft game over to these servers, which is not difficult at all. Some of the private servers are free, while with others you need to pay a monthly fee, just as with the official game, but that's rather unseen.

So as you can see there are ways to make money with games like World of Warcraft and most of these kind of activities are completly legal, and if it's ethical? well that is something you need to decide for yourself. As far as we are concerned just have a whole lot of fun with World of Warcraft private servers.

How to Advertise a WoW Server - Get Players - Population - Playerbase - BattleTop100

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You may struggle with the playerbase? You want to increase your population, and get more players/website traffic, but you are unsure how? If so, this tutorial may be interesting for you.
Advertising plays such a huge role, and you really need to get the word of your server out there.

As of a start, I'd recommend you to make sure you have listed your server on forums which are niched as wow private servers / emulation. As example, emucoach would be a good start, along with many others.
You can advertise your server on emucoach @t - http://www.emucoach.com/forumdisplay.php?30-Private-Server-Advertising

While this does not only get the server out there and possibly more players, it also gives you backlinks to your website, which means you will have a better ranking in google (SEO), which results in more people finding your server and possibly more players. I think you get the logic between it - Advertise it as much as you can.
- Make sure that your advertisement thread is attractive so it makes possibly players want to play on YOUR server.

Voting Sites)

Another way to get the server out there, is by registering you on voting - topsites such as "Xtremetop100", "Battletop100" along with many others. This will also ensure more to notice your server, and it ALSO gives you backlinks and better ranking on google.
As I said, there are a ton of topsites out there, it's just about getting started! Make sure you add the trustworthy ones to your vote panel.
You'd be good starting off with registering yourself to xtremetop100.com which is the most known topsite for wow private servers.
However, EmuCoach is in partnership with a rather new topsite called BattleTop100.com which has the main goal of helping servers with getting traffic & players, so it's a win/win situation. It has received a lot of traffic lately, which means your server will get more views by adding it on BattleTop100. BattleTop100 strives to serve a proper topsite, with legit traffic that helps your server.

Anyways, enough of that - lets move on;

Social Media)

Social Media is another way to advertise your server. A lot of servers uses it and it's a very popular way of advertising your website/server. I'd recommend using Facebook, Twitter and even Youtube.
It has shown to be very effective to create videos of your server (etc) on youtube, as it makes it attractive for the upcoming player on a new level than just test.
With that said, I'd recommend you to register yourself to all three social media sites.

Paid Advertising)

Yes, paid advertising is also an opportunity to get your server out there. It's not a requirement to spend money on paid advertising, but I'd be recommended if you want faster process/speed up the playerbase from the regular way.
There are several of ways to spend the money on advertising, but make sure you are clear with what you need, your budget and what it can give you.

You can buy gold member on xtremetop100, you can buy sticky here on EmuCoach / a banner spot. You can buy gold member on BattleTop100 for more votes & banner spot + gold membership. You can buy AD Spot at BattleTop100.com - http://www.battletop100.com/index.php - As you see on the right side there's an available banner that could be yours for a cheap price.
All these kind of things help in a way, to receive more traffic than the regular way.

With that said, I wish you all the best of luck with your server. I hope that you could use this tutorial on how and where to advertise your wow server, increase the playerbase and so on.

Starting a Private Server - Attracting Players - Profiting - Getting Started - MMORPG

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Some of you maybe already own one or multiple private servers; some of you may yet be starting out with your very first private server, thinking: "wow, how do I compete with servers that already have over 500 or more players?" In general, you don't. Here's a couple of practical tips and information you need to think about.

Lots of MMORPG players;
The reason most servers have a high player base is that because they have been around for a couple of years, or their owners already spent (a lot) of money advertising the server using different methods.

When starting a private server, your main goal should be to entertain your playerbase, make them feel like they are a part of your community, not a money making machine. A lot of people want to create a private server because they think it will make them money, well; it CAN make you money.

Starting a private server is much like starting an internet business, I will take it upon me to quote one line from an e-book I have read, the line states: "Knowing, Caring, Profiting", and these are exactly the steps you need to take to start a succesful private server.

You will need to KNOW what tools are required for starting the private server; tools can be money, hardware, knowledge, connections.

You genuinely need to CARE about your server; this means everything that comes with it: players (community), scripts (setting up custom content), server (maintaining a lag free environment). This is of course not everything, but these are probably the issues you will be most busy with.

After you gain all knowledge that is needed to set up the server, as well as showing that you actually care for the players and the community by participating in play or running awesome events, you can PROFIT from it by asking for donations in exchange for items or services.

Knowing also means that you know which type of private server you want to run, this goes hand in hand with caring for the content and topic your server is started for; if you do not care about World of Warcraft, do NOT start a World of Warcraft private server. You might want to be tempted to do this because WoW is very popular, but this also means there are a lot of other private servers trying to make money from it as well.

Another part of knowing is diving into the documentation that comes with the private servers, setting it up is relatively easy, you can set up a Ragnarok Online private server within 15 minutes and have players coming to it. The main thing your server will need to even remotely compete with others is "content"; yes, every game has its own content but why would players come to a server that has 0-10 players instead of one that has 1000+ and has some custom weapons? Exactly; they won't.

This means you will have to think of unique content that players would like to see, you can either have someone create the content for you for a price, or do it yourself. Depending on your financial situation this may vary. If you choose to let others create content/scripts, it's always good to at least know something about it so you can provide valuable input.

You could ask around on various forums such as EmuCoach to see what players really want to see in a private server, and work with that, once it's finished, you can advertise your server together with the announcement that you have this "elite" content they wanted.

Not only content is important, you will also need to know and keep track of uptimes that the emulator provides, so you can stay up to time on your server and have the latest bug fixes and content.

"Enthusiasm is the first and most critical ingredient to building a succesful private server."

Like I said before, you will need to care about every aspect of your private server if you want to profit from it. This is exactly why you need to pick a game you are comfortable with; maybe you have played the game yourself. You will need to be enthusiatic about it and you should have fun running the private server altogether.

Look for enthusiasm, not money. Money is always nice, but it should not be your main focus. If you enjoy running your server, players will enjoy walking and jumping about on it, and will genuinely feel that they are a part of your community. This results in these players inviting their friends to play with them on your server. (Word of mouth) and will eventually result in increased traffic and higher playerbase on your server.

I will discuss marketting your private in an upcoming article, we will discuss how you can gain initial players to start with nad keep them coming.

"Enthusiasm breeds success and success will bring in profits."
Like I said before, you will need to care about every aspect of your private server if you want to profit from it. This is exactly why you need to pick a game you are comfortable with; maybe you have played the game yourself. You will need to be enthusiatic about it and you should have fun running the private server altogether.

Patience is also a concept of caring for your private server. OF course you will want to have 50 players running about on the server within the first week, but unless you have attained credibility through another source (friend/marketting/being famous), this is unlikely to happen.

Setting up a server is easy, maintaining a server is hard work. When you start out, nobody knows your server even exists, so obviously you will have zero to none players. You will have to create awareness of it to attract players.

You need patience:
As you gain your first players
As you gain enough players to profit from it enough to cover the monthly hosting costs
For word of mouth to spread between players so they come play on YOUR server
To see how well your advertisement and awareness techniques have worked out
For your reputation to succeed you.

Profiting After your server has a vast traffic base you can start asking for donations. Maybe you have already done this when you started your server and received a few dollars in the process. The more players you have the more profit you will gain from donations.

On private servers, donations mostly go hand in hand in exchange for items; the player pays an amount of cash in exchange for an item or credits, which can be used to purchase items ingame. This is probably the most popular method of profiting from a private server.

When you receive great amounts of profit, do not start to neglect your server, remember that your income is dependent on the players, and when they leave; so does your clash flow.

Re-invest your profits into the server:
Create an extra realm or world.
Redesign the website by making it easier to access.
Provide a 3 way system for players to join (3 steps; "register, download, play")
Advertise your server on toplist sites such as battletop100.com (here)
Use Google AdWords to redirect players to your website.
There are countless methods you can use to invest your profits to gain even more players.
Remember: "Players = Profit = Players"

That's all I have to offer at this moment. I might write an article about how you can improve awareness of your server, market it and attract new players.

World of Warcraft Private Servers - WoW 4.3.4 Private Server - Best Cataclysm WoW Server

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World of Warcraft Private Servers are searched and nowadays' there have become a lot of private servers. However a lot of them closes after a very short period - so how do you choose?
This article is especially well fitting for you, if you are searching for a wow 4.3.4 private server - even the best cataclysm wow server on the gaming-list for the time being.
There are of course the big servers to choose, when looking for a wow 4.3.4 private server, such as Atlantiss, Monster Wow, Warmane and more. But it has been shown that a lot of people still search for other wow 4.3.4 private servers to choose from - some may like a lower and nicer community, a server that is on higher standards, change server due to queue time along with others.
Currently we have a new 4.3.4 wow private server listed on our topsite - wowzealot - which actually sounds pretty promising, and seems like they are dedicated to their wow cata server, and makes a lot of fixes for their 4.3.4 server.

You can read the Description of wowzealot here:
WoWZealot is striving to be one of the most complete 4.3.4 cataclysm blizzlike servers. We aim for quality, retail experience, and proper scripted content. Our dev team fixes bugs on an actively basis. WoWZealot is currently being worked in private.
It sounds good, doesn't it? Well it also looks that way. Only "downside", is that it's not up yet, and may be developed in beta/closed version for quite a bit - a couple of months perhaps - maybe less, they said.

If you wish to check their changelog, homepage, forum or more I'll of course leave a link available for you in case this upcoming 4.3.4 wow server sounds interesting.
http://wowzealot.com/ - wow 4.3.4 private server
http://wowzealot.com/news - Best Cataclysm WoW Server

BattleTop100 - New Gaming Topsite

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Dear everyone,
BattleTop100 is a new, but dedicated gaming topsite.
You can list your website project / private server, and in return people will see your server listed here, which may increase your playerbase/traffic.
BattleTop100 offers:
- Fast registration
- A clean and easy navigation through the website
- More traffic / player interest
- Organized toplist that removes all the broken links on a daily basis.
- 24/7 Online
- Easy voting for your players. (No long and annoying captchas / captcha games for your players)
It's as simple as it could be - "click the button" and done.